New Year, New Fuel Pump

In the cold, frost covered morning of Christmas Eve my fuel pump decided it was done squirting after close to 150k mi. After a few minutes of diagnosis, mostly consisting of fuse checks and listening to the engine trying to start, I decided it was likely the pump but would have to look more into it later. Grabbing the keys to my wife’s car I headed in to work. After some research and checking fuel pump prices online I had my brother come over and, lacking a fuel pressure gauge but doing everything else we could, verified the fuel pump failure.

Once the fuel pump arrived from Amazon and I picked up a few tools that I didn’t have for the job and sourced locally my brother again came over New Years day to help with the swap. Without a lift and a transmission jack for the fuel tank it is a two person job. As is par for the course my brother, a graduate with honors of Universal Technical Institute and of the Mini program, watched me get to work while chowing down on his McDonalds breakfast. Taking the lead myself, and enlisting his help once he finished with the McGriddles, we dropped the tank and replaced the pump in less than two and a half hours. From the dealer time sheets I’ve seen referenced we did quite well for not having a lift and working outside in 32°F weather. I fired up the Durango and she purred like a kitten. Ok, with the Airaid intake and Gibson exhaust it was more like a tiger, and it was a beautiful sound.

While the repair went flawlessly the only regret I have is not having the time (and warmer weather) to clean everything up and paint the parts that needed it. I guess I’ll have to set aside some time in the summer to take it all apart again and have some fun with paint.